Resale Services

Maatori myy koneesi. Maatorin välitysmyynnin kautta uuden maanrakennuskoneen on löytänyt jo yli 500 asiakasta.


  • Kiinteä edullinen kustannus.
  • Best possible pricings—prices from the market are better than in a regular store.
  • Maatori does the hard work for you! Save your time for more important matters.


  • No hidden trouble: every machine comes directly from the previous user, so the machine's history is well documented and easily accessible.
  • Affordable prices and customer-friendly financing.
  • Every machine has been carefully inspected and accepted.

How it happens

1. Contact

Call us or send us an email.
phone 040 1246267

2. Shooting and checking

We will photo shoot the machine on location.

3. Pricing

We will make a price appraisal, after which the customer gets to decide the machine's final selling price.

4. Selling

We will sell the machine with our experience and contacts in the industry.